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DJ контроллер Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol X1 Mk2

Def Leppard Def Leppard - Def Leppard (2 LP)

Микрофон для iOS Shure MVL

A Tribe Called Quest A Tribe Called Quest - We Got It From Here? Thank You 4 Your Service (2 LP)

Внешний ЦАП Korg DS-DAC-10R

Портативная колонка DALI Katch Green Moss

Портативная колонка DALI Katch Dark Shadow

Портативная колонка DALI Katch Cloud Gray

Мобильный аудиоинтерфейс Line 6 SONIC PORT VX

Гитарный комбоусилитель VOX AV15

Педаль для клавишных Korg PS1

Синтезатор Korg Pa4X-OR 76

Бас-гитара Yamaha TRBX304 White

Синтезатор Korg Pa4X-76

Контроллер/Аудиопроцессор Focusrite Аудиоконвертер RedNet D16R

Синтезатор Korg Pa4X-61

Электрогитара Fender Squier Affinity Telecaster Competition Orange

Колибри Колибри - Любовь и Ее Конечности (180 Gr)

Various Artists Various ArtistsСнова В Ссср - Хиты Виа

Сказки СказкиПриключения Незнайки (2 LP)

Стереоусилитель Denon PMA-1600NE Silver

Стереоусилитель Denon PMA-1600NE Black

Электрогитара Fender Squier Affinity Telecaster Race Red

Dr. John Dr. John - In The Right Place (180 Gr)

DJ виниловый проигрыватель Numark PT01 Scratch

Kings Of Leon Kings Of Leon - Youth And Young Manhood (2 Lp, 180 Gr)

Craig David Craig David - Following My Intuition (2 Lp+cd)

Willie Nelson Willie Nelson - For The Good Times: A Tribute To Ray Price

CONOR CONOR - Ruminations

Dark Fortress Dark Fortress - Ylem (2 Lp, 180 Gr)

Cradle Of Filth Cradle Of Filth - From The Cradle To Enslave

Billy Joel Billy Joel - Piano Man (180 Gr)

Maxwell Maxwell - Maxwells Urban Hang Suite (2 LP)

Jeff The Brotherhood Jeff The Brotherhood - Wasted On The Dream

Pogues Pogues - Rum, Sodomy And The Lash (180 Gr)

Club Cheval Club Cheval - Discipline (2 LP)

Miike Snow Miike Snow - Iii

Black City Black City - Fire

How To Destroy Angels How To Destroy Angels - Welcome Oblivion (2 Lp+cd)

Carole King Carole King - Tapestry (180 Gr)

Various Artists Various Artists - Hostile Hip Hop (180 Gr)

Gavin Degraw Gavin Degraw - Something Worth Saving

Witchery Witchery - In His Infernal Majestys Service (180 Gr)

Bob Dylan Bob Dylan - The Real Royal Albert Hall 1966 Concert (2 LP)

Johnny Hallyday Johnny Hallyday - Rester Vivant Tour (3 Lp, 180 Gr)

Sick Of It All Sick Of It All - When The Smoke Clears (10 +cd)

Nick Cave Nick Cave - Hell Or High Water (ost) (180 Gr)

The Kinks The Kinks - The Mono Collection (10 Lp, 180 Gr)

Soulburn Soulburn - Earthless Pagan Spirit (180 Gr)

MOURN MOURN - Mourn (2 Lp, 180 Gr)

Buffalo Tom Buffalo Tom - Let Me Come Over (180 Gr)

Herman Brood His Wild Romance Herman Brood His Wild Romance - Shpritsz

Southside Johnny And The Ashbury Dukes Southside Johnny And The Ashbury Dukes - Heart Of Stone (180 Gr)

TOTO TOTO - Live In Amsterdam - 25th Anniversary (2 Lp, 180 Gr)

Only Ones Only Ones - Even Serpents Shine (180 Gr)

GEIKE GEIKE - For The Beauty Of Confusion (2 Lp, 180 Gr)

Reddings Reddings - The Awakening (180 Gr)

Dolly Parton Linda Ronstadt Emmylou Harris Dolly Parton Linda Ronstadt Emmylou Harris - Trio Ii Original Album (180 Gr)

Radio Birdman Radio Birdman - Radios Appear

G. Love Special Sauce G. Love Special Sauce - G. Love Special Sauce (180 Gr)

Daryl Hall John Oates Daryl Hall John OatesHall Oates - Bigger Than Both Of Us (180 Gr)

Otis Redding Otis Redding - Complete Unbelievable... The Otis Redding Dictionary Of Soul (2 Lp, 180 Gr + 7 )

John Millencamp John Millencamp - Scarecrow (180 Gr)

Kid Rock Kid Rock - Devil Without A Cause (2 LP)

Bob Dylan Bob Dylan - Bob Dylan - Mono / Stereo (2 Lp, 180 Gr)

Hooverphonic Hooverphonic - In Wonderland (5 X 7 )

Wild Feathers Wild Feathers - Lonely Is A Lifetime

Гитарный комбоусилитель Marshall CODE25

White Denim White Denim - Stiff (lp + Cd)

Manic Street Preachers Manic Street Preachers - A Design For Life (180 Gr)

Elvis Costello Elvis Costello - Deep Dead Blue - Live At Meltdown (180 Gr)

Black Peaks Black Peaks - Statues (2 Lp 180 Gr + Cd)

Crystals Crystals - Hes A Rebel (180 Gr)

Sly The Family Stone Sly The Family Stone - Live At The Fillmore (2 Lp, 180 Gr, Colour)

Prince Prince - Around The World In A Day

Replacements Replacements - The Sire Years (4 LP)

Tim Hardin Tim Hardin - Bird On A Wire (180 Gr)

Gram Parsons Gram Parsons - Grievous Angel (180 Gr)

Gram Parsons Gram Parsons - Gp (180 Gr)

TRUST TRUST - Rocknroll (colour)

TRUST TRUST - Repression (colour)

TRUST TRUST - Ideal (colour)

Knifeworld Knifeworld - Bottled Out Of Eden (2 Lp+cd, 180 Gr)

Steve Earle Steve Earle - Copperhead Road (180 Gr)

Fleetwood Mac Fleetwood Mac - Mirage (3 Cd+dvd+lp)

Doc Gyneco Doc Gyneco - Premiere Consultation (2 Lp + 3 Cd)

FACES FACES - First Step

Stooges Stooges - Fun House (2 LP)

Emmylou Harris Emmylou Harris - The Traveling Kind (lp+cd)

Tyondai Braxton Tyondai Braxton - Hive1

Leon Bridges Leon Bridges - Coming Home (180 Gr)

Simple Minds Simple Minds - Big Music (2 Lp, 180 Gr)

Stooges Stooges - The Stooges (2 LP)

Republika Republika - Nowe Sytuacje

BUSH BUSH - Razorblade Suitcase (2 Lp, 180 Gr)

Streets Streets - The Hardest Way To Make An Easy Living (2 Lp, 180 Gr)

Dr. John Dr. John - Gris Gris

Republika Republika - Nieustanne Tango

BUSH BUSH - Deconstructed (2 Lp, 180 Gr)

Los Lobos Los Lobos - How Will The Wolf Survive (180 Gr)

Suicidal Tendencies Suicidal Tendencies - Lights… Camera… Revolution (180 Gr)

Drones Drones - Further Temptations (2 LP)

T.c. Matic T.c. Matic - T.c. Matic (180 Gr)

Randy Newman Randy Newman - The Randy Newman Songbook (4 LP)

Max Romeo Max Romeo - Wet Dream Classic Reggae Collection (2 Lp, 180 Gr)

Led Zeppelin Led Zeppelin - Presence (2 Lp, 180 Gr)

Linkin Park Linkin Park - Living Things

BACH BACHGlenn Gould - : Goldberg Variations, Bwv 988 (1955 Recording) (180 Gr)

FFF FFF - Free For Fever (2 LP)

Despised Icon Despised Icon - The Ills Of Modern Man (lp+cd)

Oceans Of Slumber Oceans Of Slumber - Winter (2 LP)

Bruce Springsteen Bruce Springsteen - We Shall Overcome: The Seeger Sessions (2 Lp, 180 Gr)

Telephone Telephone - Au Coeur De La Nuit (180 Gr)

Depeche Mode Depeche Mode - Some Great Reward (180 Gr)

The Jesus And Mary Chain The Jesus And Mary Chain - Barbed Wire Kisses (2 Lp, Colour)

Monkees Monkees - The Monkees Forever

Telephone Telephone - Au Coeur De Telephone Lintegrale (11 Lp + 3x7 )

Depeche Mode Depeche Mode - Construction Time Again (180 Gr)

Redemption Redemption - This Mortal Coil (2 Lp, 180 Gr + Cd)

Telephone Telephone - Dure Limite (180 Gr)

Monkees Monkees - Good Times! (180 Gr)

Pantera Pantera - History Of Hostility (colour)

Gang Of Four Gang Of Four - Songs Of The Free

Nad Sylvan Nad Sylvan - Courting The Widow (2 Lp+cd)

Various Artists Various Artists - Bella Lucio

10CC 10CC - Sheet Music (180 Gr)

You+me You+me - Rose Ave.

Jonas Kaufmann Jonas Kaufmann - Du Bist Die Welt Fur Mich (2 Lp, 180 Gr)

Avatar Avatar - Schlacht

Periphery Periphery - Periphery Iii: Select Difficulty (2 Lp+cd)

Pearl Jam Pearl Jam - Yield

Depeche Mode Depeche Mode-a Broken Frame (180 Gr)

Саундтрек Саундтрек - Ghostbusters

Depeche Mode Depeche Mode - Speak And Spell (180 Gr)

Motorowl Motorowl - Om Generator (lp+cd)

Grouplove Grouplove - Big Mess

Joshua Redman Brad Mehldau Joshua Redman Brad Mehldau - Nearness (2 LP)

Stevie Nicks Stevie Nicks - The Wild Heart

Michael Buble Michael Buble - Nobody But Me

Aimee Mann Aimee Mann - Charmer (180 Gr)

Primal Scream Primal Scream - Screamadelica (2 Lp, 180 Gr)

Son Volt Son Volt - Trace (180 Gr)

Panic! At The Disco Panic! At The Disco - Too Weird To Live, Too Rare To Die!

Skaters Skaters - Manhattan

Electric Light Orchestra Electric Light Orchestra - A New World Record (2016 Black Vinyl Version) (180 Gr)

Alanis Morissette Alanis Morissette - Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie (2 Lp, 180 Gr)

Лавика Лавика - Коснемся Губами

Johnny Cash Johnny Cash - Man In Black: Live In Denmark 1971 (2 LP)

Grateful Dead Grateful Dead - Wake Up To Find Out: Nassau Coliseum, Uniondale Ny 3/29/90 (5 LP)

Adam The Ants Adam The Ants - Kings Of The Wild Frontier (35th Anniversary) (lp+2cd+dvd)

Various Artists Various Artists - The Wrestling Album / Piledriver (30th Anniversary) (2 Lp, 180 Gr)

Neil Young Neil Young - Storytone (2 Lp, 180 Gr)

Гитарный комбоусилитель VOX MINI3-G2 Ivory

Katy B Katy B - Little Red (2 LP)

Lone Bellow Lone Bellow - The Lone Bellow

Pegase Pegase - Pegase

Mrs. Greenbird Mrs. Greenbird - Mrs. Greenbird

Hexvessel Hexvessel - When We Are Death (lp+cd)

IAM IAM - Lecole Du Micro Dargent (3 Lp, 180 Gr)

Monkees Monkees - Cereal Box Singles (4 X 7 )

Marlene Kuntz Marlene Kuntz - Lunga Attesa (2 LP)

Boz Scaggs Boz Scaggs - Silk Degrees (180 Gr)

Lake Street Dive Lake Street Dive - Side Pony

Sindrome Sindrome - Resurrection – The Complete Collection (lp+cd)

Mothxr Mothxr - Centerfold (lp+cd)

Maxwell Maxwell - Blacksummersnight

Luke Sital-singh Luke Sital-singh - The Fire Inside

Elvis Presley Elvis Presley - If I Can Dream (2 Lp+cd)

Everly Brothers Everly Brothers - Roots

Jenny Lewis Jenny Lewis - The Voyager (180 Gr)

Donny Hathaway Donny Hathaway - Extension Of A Man (180 Gr)

Tom Petty Tom Petty Heartbreakers - Hypnotic Eye (2 Lp, 180 Gr)

Nickel Creek Nickel Creek - A Dotted Line

Alanis Morissette Alanis Morissette - Under Rug Swept (180 Gr)

Daft Punk Daft Punk - Alive 1997 / Alive 2007 (4 Lp, 180 Gr)

RUMER RUMER - Seasons Of My Soul (180 Gr)

David Gates David Gates - First (180 Gr)

Avenged Sevenfold Avenged Sevenfold - Hail To The King (2 Lp, 180 Gr)

Milo Greene Milo Greene - Control (180 Gr)

Halestorm Halestorm - Into The Wild Life (2 Lp+cd)

Dresden Dolls Dresden Dolls - The Virginia Monologues (3 LP)

Van Halen Van Halen - Van Halen Ii (180 Gr)

Led Zeppelin Led Zeppelin - Presence (2 Lp, 180 Gr + 2 Cd)

Neil Young Neil Young - The Monsanto Years (2 Lp, 180 Gr)

Ten Years After Ten Years After - Undead(expanded) (2 Lp, 180 Gr)

Faith No More Faith No More - Angel Dust (2 Lp, 180 Gr)

Elvis Presley Elvis Presley - Elvis Presley (180 Gr)

Various Artists Various Artists - Sound Of Detroit (original Gems From The Motown Vaults)

Beatsteaks Beatsteaks - 23 Singles (2 LP)

Redemption Redemption - Snowfall On Judgment Day (2 Lp, 180 Gr + Cd)

Barbara Lynn Barbara Lynn - Youll Loose A Good Thing

Primal Scream Primal Scream - Sonic Flower Groove (180 Gr)

Miles Davis Miles Davis - In A Silent Way (180 Gr)

Redemption Redemption - The Origins Of Ruin (2 Lp, 180 Gr + Cd)

Stevie Nicks Stevie Nicks - Bella Donna

Miles Davis Miles Davis - Sketches Of Spain (180 Gr)

Telephone Telephone - Un Autre Monde (180 Gr)

Telephone Telephone - Crache Ton Venin (180 Gr)

Bob Dylan Bob Dylan - The Best Of The Cutting Edge 1965–1966 (3 Lp + 2 Cd)

Johnny Hallyday Johnny Hallyday - Le Coeur Dun Homme (2 Lp, 180 Gr, Picture Disc)

Devin Townsend Project Devin Townsend Project - Dark Matters (stand-alone Version 2015) (2 Lp+cd)

Dead Soul Dead Soul - The Sheltering Sky (lp+cd)

Firespawn Firespawn - Shadow Realms (lp+cd)

77 77 - Nothings Gonna Stop Us (lp + Cd)

Linda Ronstadt Linda Ronstadt - Classic Linda Ronstadt: Just One Look (3 LP)

Fleetwood Mac Fleetwood Mac - Tusk (2 Lp+5 Cd+dvd)

Isley Brothers Isley Brothers - Groove With You…live! (2 Lp, 180 Gr)

Various Artists Various Artists - 30th Century Records Compilation Volume 1

Conrad Keely Conrad Keely - Original Machines (2 Lp+cd)

Frightened Rabbit Frightened Rabbit - Painting Of A Panic Attack (180 Gr)

Headspace Headspace - All That You Fear Is Gone (2 Lp+cd)

RAURY RAURY - All We Need (2 Lp, 180 Gr)

Loretta Lynn Loretta Lynn - Full Circle

MAGMA MAGMA - Live (2 Lp, 180 Gr)

Grateful Dead Grateful Dead - Capitol Theatre 4/25/77 - Passaic, Nj (4 Lp, 180 Gr)

Son Volt Son Volt - Live At The Bottom Line 2/12/96 (2 Lp, 180 Gr)

Arsenik Arsenik - Quelques Gouttes Suffisent (2 Lp, 180 Gr)

KANO KANO - Made In The Manor (2 Lp, 180 Gr)

Erik Truffaz Erik Truffaz - El Tiempo De La Revolucion (2 Lp, 180 Gr)

Avatar Avatar - Thoughts Of No Tomorrow

Dixie Chicks Dixie Chicks - Fly (2 LP)

Dixie Chicks Dixie Chicks - Takeing The Long Way (2 LP)

Big Star Big Star - Complete Columbia: Live At Missouri University 4/25/93 (2 LP)

Walk The Moon Walk The Moon - You Are Not Alone: Live At The Greek (2 LP)

Kmpfsprt Kmpfsprt - Intervention (lp+cd)

Sturgill Simpson Sturgill Simpson - A Sailors Guide To Earth (lp+cd)

Allen Toussaint Allen Toussaint - Live In Philadelphia 1975 (180 Gr)

Renaud Renaud - Renaud (2 Lp, 180 Gr + Cd)

Celtic Frost Celtic Frost - Monotheist (re-issue 2016) (2 LP)

ABBA ABBAAgnetha Faltskog - Agnetha Faltskog (180 Gr)

Bruce Springsteen Bruce Springsteen - The Promise (3 Lp, 180 Gr)

Asap Ferg Asap Ferg - Always Strive And Prosper (2 LP)

Tom Odell Tom Odell - Wrong Crowd (180 Gr)

Band Of Horses Band Of Horses - Mirage Rock (180 Gr)

Fatherson Fatherson - Open Book (lp+cd)

Loose Tapestries Loose Tapestries - N.h.s.

Pain Of Salvation Pain Of Salvation - Remedy Lane Re:lived (2 Lp+cd)

Ewa Bem With Swing Session Ewa Bem With Swing Session - Be A Man (180 Gr)

Despised Icon Despised Icon - Day Of Mourning Lp+cd)

HONNE HONNE - Warm On A Cold Night (180 Gr)

Extra Ball Extra Ball - Birthday (180 Gr)

Bat For Lashes Bat For Lashes - The Bride (2 Lp, 180 Gr)

Rooney Rooney - Washed Away (lp+cd)

LINO LINO - Paradis Assassine (2 Lp, 180 Gr)

Neil Young Neil Young - Earth (3 LP)


Elvis Presley Elvis Presley - Way Down In The Jungle Room (2 LP)

K.d. Lang K.d. Lang - Hymns Of The 49th Parallel

Faith No More Faith No More - Album Of The Year (2 Lp, 180 Gr)

Till Bronner Till Bronner - The Good Life (2 Lp 180 Gr + Cd)

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